Definition of corrugate in English:


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  • Contract or cause to contract into wrinkles or folds.

    no object ‘Micky's brow corrugated in a simian frown’
    • ‘The deep bays that corrugate St Lucia's coastlines were the cause of 150 years of conflict between the French and the English, who both desired the island for its natural harbours and strategic position in the Caribbean Sea.’
    ridged, fluted, channelled, furrowed, grooved, crimped, folded, crinkled, crinkly, puckered, creased, wrinkled, wrinkly, crumpled, rumpled



/ˈkôrəɡāt/ /ˈkɔrəɡeɪt/


Late Middle English from Latin corrugat- ‘wrinkled’, from the verb corrugare, from cor- (expressing intensive force) + rugare (from ruga ‘a wrinkle’).