Definition of corruptionist in English:



  • A person who practices or endorses corruption, especially in politics.

    ‘‘All corruptionists must be thoroughly investigated and dealt with without leniency,’ he said.’
    • ‘Moreover, the demagogue and the corruptionist often work hand in hand.’
    • ‘Great efforts were made by the corruptionists of the district to prevent his re-nomination, but when the convention met he received the votes of all but two counties.’
    • ‘The country will step up reforms of the government power of approval, fiscal system and personnel system in a bid to leave no spaces for corruptionists to hide.’
    • ‘Together these investigations and convictions are effectively countering the long tradition of impunity enjoyed by corruptionists.’
    • ‘He wrote, ‘That newspaper has always sought to cover up political corruption and praise the corruptionists and the corrupted.’’
    • ‘Among them, he called them ‘foolish and homicidal corruptionists,’ and that was one of the weaker phrases that he used in describing these people.’
    • ‘Economic growth must be used for better living conditions, for a socially balanced society, not for any mafia and corruptionists.’
    • ‘It is not enough to only prepare the lists of corruptionists, he said, adding that the culprits should also be punished.’
    • ‘Will not both be handed over as captives to a band of corruptionists?’
    • ‘What the state suffered at the hands of these corruptionists may be in part indicated by the following figures.’
    • ‘‘The endeavor to punish corruptionists more severely and strengthen system improvement show that our Party is determined and able to deal with corruption and keep its members clean and honest,’ she said.’
    • ‘It is a fit organ for the millionaire corruptionist and the civilization that he is degrading.’
    • ‘The country's image and reputation has been blemished by certain persons at the top who are seen as criminals, fraudsters and corruptionists.’
    • ‘He might be a Father to Confederation, but like all Reformers, he was intent on destroying the offspring, was a hot-headed revolutionary, a brawler and corruptionist.’



/kəˈrəpSH(ə)nəst/ /kəˈrəpʃ(ə)nəst/