Definition of corticate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkôrdəkāt/ /ˈkɔrdəkeɪt/ /ˈkôrdəkət/ /ˈkɔrdəkət/


  • Having a cortex, bark, or rind.

    ‘Bony erosion occurs in chronic cases and tends to be periarticular, well corticated and have a thin overhanging edge.’
    • ‘In the oblique foot view in image 49, it appears more corticated than the original lateral view.’
    • ‘The main axis is polysiphonous and corticate with simple monosiphonous lateral branches arranged spirally around the main axes.’
    • ‘The fruit is smooth, compressed, elliptic, somewhat solid and corticate.’
    • ‘The Ogallala quartzite and other local flakes tend to be substantially larger, thicker, and heavier; have wider, frequently corticate platforms; and retain a greater percentage of cortex coverage on their dorsal faces.’


Mid 19th century from Latin corticatus, from cortex, cortic- ‘bark’.