Definition of corvine in English:



  • Of or like a raven or crow, especially in color.

    ‘this attractive member of the corvine family’
    • ‘in appearance they are distinctly corvine’
    • ‘This corvine do-it-yourselfer sometimes fashions the tool from the left edge of a leaf and sometimes from the right.’
    • ‘It soon attracts the attention of the local corvine tribe and is mobbed by rooks and jackdaws.’
    • ‘But again, the article is worth reading for its loving portrait of corvine life.’
    • ‘There is an unnerving, corvine inquisitiveness to his gaze.’
    • ‘There are few human references on such aspects of corvine psychology.’



/ˈkôrˌvīn/ /ˈkɔrˌvaɪn/


Mid 17th century from Latin corvinus, from corvus ‘raven’.