Definition of corydalis in English:



  • A herbaceous plant of the poppy family with spurred tubular flowers, closely related to bleeding heart and found in north temperate regions.

    Genus Corydalis, family Fumariaceae: many species, including yellow corydalis (C. flavula) of the eastern US

    ‘Low-growirg ajuga grows between the corydalis and heucheras.’
    • ‘I now grow the corydalis in a large pot.’
    • ‘If tight muscles disturb sleep, turn to the pain-relieving muscle relaxants: valerian, kava, corydalis and, at times, passion flower.’
    • ‘In addition, herbs such as corydal, corydalis, mastic, myrrh, and bupleurum offer strong pain-relieving properties.’
    • ‘While exploring the woods near his home, he came across a forest meadow erupting in purple pasqueflowers, blue lungworts, yellow anemones and white corydalis.’
    • ‘A basic blood moving and pain relieving combination is equal parts corydalis, frankincense, myrrh, dang quai and ligusticum.’
    • ‘For instance the pain relieving properties of corydalis is increased when the sliced and dried root is stir fried with rice vinegar.’
    • ‘It works well in crevices and for a damp spot in semishade there is a lovely lilac blue variety, corydalis flexuosa.’



/kəˈridələs/ /kəˈrɪdələs/


Modern Latin, from Greek korudallis ‘crested lark’, alluding to a similarity between the flower and the bird's spur.