Definition of corymb in English:



  • A flower cluster whose lower stalks are proportionally longer so that the flowers form a flat or slightly convex head.

    ‘this hybrid produces beautiful corymbs of white, pink-budded flowers’
    • ‘The genus has some species with single flowers, but most have racemes, corymbs or subumbels.’
    • ‘As the photo shows, the corymbs bloom first around the edges and the center buds open last.’
    • ‘The small white flowers are borne in rather dense corymbs at the ends of the branches.’
    • ‘It was weighted down by enormous corymbs of what were by now large plump green seed capsules.’
    • ‘Button-like flowerheads, produced in corymbs or singly, are everlasting when dried.’



/ˈkôrim(b)/ /ˈkɔrɪm(b)/ /ˈkärim(b)/ /ˈkɑrɪm(b)/


Early 18th century from French corymbe or Latin corymbus, from Greek korumbos ‘cluster’.