Definition of corynebacterium in English:


nounplural noun corynebacteria/-ˈti(ə)rēə/

  • A bacterium which sometimes causes disease in humans and other animals, including diphtheria.

    Genus Corynebacterium; Gram-positive nonmotile club-shaped rods

    ‘Other organisms cultured in these various studies have included a few of highly questionable pathogenicity, such as corynebacteria.’
    • ‘Overgrowth of normal skin flora, including corynebacterium, occur frequently.’
    • ‘The process of the present invention comprises the steps of subjecting delipidated bacterial residues of corynebacteria cells to a mild extraction and isolating the thus-obtained watersoluble extract.’
    • ‘Stringent identification of clinical isolates will be required to define the role of the nondiphtheriae corynebacteria in human disease.’
    • ‘It is prepared by a fermentation process with strains of corynebacteria.’



/ˌkôrənəˌbakˈtirēəm/ /ˌkɔrənəˌbækˈtɪriəm/ /kəˈrinəbakˌtirēəm/ /kəˈrɪnəbækˌtɪriəm/


Modern Latin, from Greek korunē ‘club’+ bacterium.