Definition of cosmetically in English:



See cosmetic

‘Essential oils will penetrate to the epidermis (bottom layer of skin) to exert their beneficial effects, and work cosmetically to help slow the aging process.’
  • ‘During its operation as a function centre, night spot and disco, it has been looked after cosmetically, but beneath the surface expensive restoration work is necessary.’
  • ‘As always, extreme makeover or not, if you're not happy with who you are on the inside, cosmetically changing the outside will never make up for it.’
  • ‘In 2004, the downloader - at least cosmetically - has gone from being the music industry's archenemy to its best mate.’
  • ‘Squint surgery corrects the misalignment cosmetically; however there can be no visual function improvement in that eye.’



/käzˈmedək(ə)lē/ /kɑzˈmɛdək(ə)li/