Definition of cosmic ray in English:

cosmic ray

Pronunciation /ˈkäzmik rā/ /ˈkɑzmɪk reɪ/


  • A highly energetic atomic nucleus or other particle traveling through space at a speed approaching that of light.

    ‘This radioactive isotope is created when energetic particles in cosmic rays enter the Earth's atmosphere and split atomic nuclei of nitrogen and oxygen.’
    • ‘Other sources that contribute to the near-Earth space environment include galactic cosmic ray particles, which originate from outside of the solar system.’
    • ‘The Moon's regolith was created by the ceaseless bombardment of micrometeorites, cosmic rays and particles of solar wind breaking down rocks for billions of years.’
    • ‘Settlers would need protection against the high-energy particles in space, mostly protons and electrons from the Sun and cosmic rays from beyond the solar system.’
    • ‘Incoming galactic cosmic rays are scattered on magnetic irregularities in the solar wind, resulting in ‘solar modulation’ of the galactic cosmic ray spectrum.’
    • ‘High-frequency energy, such as X rays, gamma rays, and cosmic rays, occupies the other end of the spectrum.’
    • ‘The thick rock walls act as a natural filter, so as the space particles travel downwards, the cosmic rays collide with the atoms in the rock and are halted.’
    • ‘Because the interior of a comet nucleus has been much less modified by solar radiation and cosmic rays, it is believed to be different from the surface crust and the material that sublimates there to form the comet tail.’
    • ‘Unlike Earth, which sits inside a protective magnetic shield called the magnetosphere, Mars does not have a global magnetic field to protect it from solar flares and cosmic rays.’
    • ‘Astronomers explore the universe by passively detecting electromagnetic radiation and cosmic rays emitted by celestial objects.’
    • ‘For example, if a star exploded a light year away, the increased cosmic ray intensity could have killed the animals by giving them all an intense dose of radiation.’
    • ‘At the same time, particles such as cosmic rays and neutrinos began to be gathered from space.’
    • ‘Our planet is incessantly bombarded with a rain of cosmic rays, charged stable particles, such as protons and electrons.’
    • ‘A magnetic field, if indeed it existed, would have shielded the planet from intense cosmic rays and solar wind, creating a more hospitable environment.’
    • ‘Gamma rays are more energetic than x rays, but are less energetic than cosmic rays.’
    • ‘The link between cosmic rays, solar activity, and climate seems to be the interplanetary magnetic field.’
    • ‘Everything in the universe is regularly exposed to cosmic rays, charged particles that come from stars (including our sun).’
    • ‘But outside of Earth's magnetic field, there is no natural shield from cosmic rays and solar protons.’
    • ‘It was gold in color, but dull and scratched with many years of etching from space dust and cosmic rays.’
    • ‘Unlike exposure to external radiation sources such as cosmic rays or X-rays, radioactive nuclides are deposited within the body from food and water.’