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‘This dynastic change, often dated between the seventh and eleventh centuries C.E., reverberates in one cosmogonic myth concerning a power tussle between two deities in the Yoruba pantheon.’
  • ‘This is partly derived from the African cosmogonic worldview, which presumes a symbiotic relationship between the living and nonliving and between humans and non-humans in the universe.’
  • ‘It must be noted that the Indian cosmogonic and astronomical systems, while developing independently of western systems, bear remarkable affinities with the latter.’
  • ‘It has a cosmogonic function, in that it rouses dormant energies which them may shape the world.’
  • ‘Such a cosmogonic extravagance appeared to diminish the magnificence of the created order in our own world.’



/ˌkäzməˈɡänik/ /ˌkɑzməˈɡɑnɪk/