Definición de cosmographical en inglés


Pronunciación /ˌkäzməˈɡrafikəl/


See cosmography

‘Also included is an interesting cosmographical miscellany that is unpublished but holds a great deal of interest for historians of cartography.’
  • ‘This boom in cosmographical imagery in the 1650s seems to reflect a growing public awareness of the Copernican issue, which can also be attested from other sources.’
  • ‘This sumptuous book provided a cosmographical introduction similar to that in the Cosmographia but in a more elaborate and elegant way.’
  • ‘Such an atlas, called an isolario, emerges out of a cosmographical tradition in which Thevet was steeped and which had its practical uses.’
  • ‘The first section of the atlas consists of cosmographical, astronomical and astrological texts translated into Catalan.’