Definition of cosmological in English:


Pronunciation /käzməˈläjik(ə)l/ /kɑzməˈlɑdʒɪk(ə)l/


  • Relating to the origin and development of the universe.

    ‘the general theory of relativity led to major developments in cosmological theory’
    • ‘When Einstein first put his theories of relativity together, he included a cosmological constant, a number that accounted for this acceleration of the universe's expansion.’
    • ‘You could read that in a cosmological way, as a belief that the universe is cyclical and is going to recur.’
    • ‘Physicists are using supercomputers to tackle problems such as understanding the evolution of the universe on a cosmological scale.’
    • ‘In the 1930s, the universe had been shown to be expanding, so the cosmological constant seemed to be erroneous.’
    • ‘Cosmological scientists indicate that at some point it seems likely that our sun will cool down.’
    • ‘Cosmological arguments attempt to prove God exists through features of the universe.’
    • ‘Current cosmological big bang models are based on a solution of Einstein's field equation.’
    • ‘No spatial stretching occurs, yet many of the observational tests of a cosmological model are verified.’
    • ‘The temple architecture reflects calendric and cosmological time cycles.’
    • ‘The cosmological doctrines are perhaps the most needed in the task of laying down the foundations of the physical and biological sciences.’