Definition of cosmological argument in English:

cosmological argument


  • An argument for the existence of God which claims that all things in nature depend on something else for their existence (i.e. are contingent), and that the whole cosmos must therefore itself depend on a being which exists independently or necessarily.

    ‘However, the contention that the cosmological argument depends on the ontological argument is based on a confusion.’
    • ‘The most important of those proofs were the ontological argument, the cosmological argument, and the teleological argument.’
    • ‘Continuing my comparison with natural theology, in the cosmological argument it is argued that if anything exists there must be something which cannot not exist, something which has its reason for existing within itself.’
    • ‘The prospects for an inductive or probabilistic or hypothesis-confirming variant of the cosmological argument are, therefore, no better than those for a demonstrative one.’
    • ‘At most, the cosmological argument shows that the first cause cannot be acted upon by any other cause and consequently must be an original causal principle.’


cosmological argument

/ˌkäzməˌläjəkəl ˈärɡyəmənt/ /ˌkɑzməˌlɑdʒəkəl ˈɑrɡjəmənt/