Definition of cosmological constant in English:

cosmological constant

Pronunciation /ˌkäzməˈläjəkəl ˈkänstənt/ /ˌkɑzməˈlɑdʒəkəl ˈkɑnstənt/


  • An arbitrary constant in the field equations of general relativity.

    ‘Einstein introduced the cosmological constant to his equations of general relativity because he believed the universe was static.’
    • ‘On the plus side, the vanishing vacuum energy that is implied by supersymmetry ensures that the cosmological constant vanishes.’
    • ‘We are making fast progress on understanding the implications of the existence of a cosmological constant for quantum gravity.’
    • ‘Quintessence is dynamic, unlike the cosmological constant, and its average energy density and pressure slowly decay with time.’
    • ‘Why is the cosmological constant, which characterizes the energy density of the vacuum, so small?’