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‘They even provide a kind of back-door cosmopolitanism, ensuring that many people will learn something about diverse areas of the world, regardless of whether they are much interested in doing so.’
  • ‘For many people this was an unknown world, yet they left the museum surprised by the cultural wealth and cosmopolitanism of Iran and Central Asia, where most of the works shown were made.’
  • ‘The classical skyscraper is one of Gotham's gifts to the world, the urbane expression of its technical genius, wealth, and confident cosmopolitanism.’
  • ‘As the trappings of cosmopolitanism began appearing, with smart cafes and trendy bookstores down the road from rusting cars in front yards, resentment mounted.’
  • ‘My cosmopolitanism, my ability to read ancient Tamil love poetry, my advanced degrees become irrelevant in the face of such appalling culpability.’



/ˌkäzməˈpälətnˌizəm/ /ˌkɑzməˈpɑlətnˌɪzəm/