Definition of cost-of-living index in English:

cost-of-living index


(also CLI)
former term for consumer price index
‘Billions of dollars are at stake, and large political constituencies influence and are influenced by choices of indices such as a cost-of-living index.’
  • ‘The first is its challenge to the view that a cost-of-living index should be the concept underlying the Consumer Price Index.’
  • ‘Therefore, Table 2 contains additional versions employing a state cost-of-living index.’
  • ‘The formula is driven by monthly data from the cost-of-living index.’
  • ‘The cost-of-living index hit a record 623% in January this year, but has since fallen 371%.’


cost-of-living index

/ˌkästəvˈliviNG inˌdeks/ /ˌkɑstəvˈlɪvɪŋ ɪnˌdɛks/