Definition of cothurnus in English:


Pronunciation /kōˈTHərnəs/ /koʊˈθərnəs/


  • 1A thick-soled boot or buskin worn by actors in Greek tragedy.

    ‘The cothurnus was worn principally by horsemen, hunters, and men of rank and authority.’
    • ‘She wears a crown of cypress and the cothurnus boots often worn by tragic actors.’
    • ‘Encumbered as he was with his mask and cothurnus, to say nothing of the padding, it will be seen that the Athenian tragic actor had no easy task before him.’
    • ‘While the actors wore the cothurnus, the chorus appeared in their usual sandals.’
    • ‘To increase their height the tragic performers wore the cothurnus, a sort of buskin with high soles and still higher heels.’
  • 2An elevated style of acting in classical tragic drama.