Definition of cottised in English:


(also cotised)



See cottise

‘The gold potenté bend is an adaptation of the cottised bend on the arms of Champagne.’
  • ‘The additions of the bar gemelle and the cottised fess are merely ‘differences’ familiar to modern heraldry but, on crests, unknown to early practice.’
  • ‘The family crest is a field azure, chevrony doubly cottised, which means the field is blue, with very thin lines of ermine forming the shape of a chevron.’
  • ‘When there are two pairs of narrow bars on either side, the fesse is said to be doubly ‘cottised’’
  • ‘These do not have to be blazoned as barrulets, because when a narrow bar runs parallel to a fesse it is called cottise, and when there is one on either side of the fesse, the fesse is described as cottised.’