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Cotton Belt


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the Cotton Belt
  • A region of the US South where cotton is the historic main crop, especially in parts of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

    ‘A few thousand hectares of Muscadine grapes are grown in the cotton belt in the south eastern United States.’
    • ‘Two decades of rising prices had encouraged many tidewater planters to sell their slaves to new farmers in the expanding cotton belt of Alabama and Mississippi.’
    • ‘Long before the ‘Dust Bowl’ conditions of the 1930s caught the nation's attention, he called for diversified farming in the cotton belt and the use of terracing to control erosion.’
    • ‘The book is at its best in detailing those institutions, as in the chapters on rural and small-town communities, African Americans in the South's cotton belt, and the sporting and nightlife attractions of New York City and Chicago.’
    • ‘Shortly after his birth (or maybe before, the records are unclear) his father, a lawyer, moved to Columbia County, Georgia, on the Savannah River, in the heart of that state's rising cotton belt.’