Definition of coucal in English:



  • An ungainly long-tailed Old World bird that is a large ground-dwelling member of the cuckoo family.

    Genus Centropus (and Coua), family Cuculidae: numerous species, including the Australasian pheasant coucal (Centropus phasianinus)

    ‘However, I stray from the purpose of our trip: birds, which were no less alluring than all the scenes mentioned above, with names such as leafbirds, bulbuls, coucals, laughingthrushes, babblers, sunbirds and junglefowl.’
    • ‘A ground-dwelling cuckoo, Delalande's coucal lived in Madagascar, off the east coast of Africa, along with an array of strange animals found there.’



/ˈko͞okəl/ /ˈkukəl/


Early 19th century from French, perhaps a blend of coucou ‘cuckoo’ and alouette ‘lark’.