Definition of count one's blessings in English:

count one's blessings


  • Be grateful for what one has.

    ‘when you find that many people are worse off than you are, you'll learn to count your blessings’
    • ‘Reflecting on their many years together, Barbara and Charles said: ‘We've had our problems, but we've always counted our blessings, and we're very thankful we have got each other.’’
    • ‘A Denholme man was also counting his blessings after missing the smash by less than a minute.’
    • ‘Right now, though, they seem to be not get the worst of the storm and so they're counting their blessings, Kyra.’
    • ‘So, to everyone reading this, wherever you are, pause for a moment tomorrow, amidst the family fun and multiple helpings of food, and count your blessings.’
    • ‘This has been a very difficult year for us, but we have learned to count our blessings.’
    • ‘So he counts his blessings - the family is together, the kids are doing OK - and prays every day about what lies ahead.’
    • ‘Standing on the podium in ninth place, Gilmour counted her blessings that she could race in the 15 km Easter Weekend hill climb at all.’
    • ‘A Hampshire couple were today counting their blessings and saluting firefighters for saving their 16th century cottage which they have spent months renovating.’
    • ‘You've just shuttled your kids to daycare, made a trip to the grocery store, and are counting your blessings for having found a seat on the bus for the ride back home.’
    • ‘If those people who live there didn't knock it so much and were just a little bit patriotic and counted their blessings, they just might find some peace of mind.’