Definition of count palatine in English:

count palatine

nounplural noun counts palatine

  • 1 historical A feudal lord having royal authority within a region of a kingdom.

    ‘The boundaries of the Palatinate varied with the political and dynastic fortunes of the Counts Palatine.’
    • ‘After the death of Count Palatine Henry II in 1095, a series of extra-territorial counts palatine began.’
    • ‘Among the powers stemming from the various prerogatives that came with being Count Palatine was, more often than not, the ‘ius doctorandi’.’
    • ‘These were the Duke of Saxony, the Margrave of Brandenburg, the King of Bavaria, the Count Palatine of the Rhine and the three archbishops of Mainz, Trier and Cologne.’
    1. 1.1A high official of the Holy Roman Empire with royal authority within his domain.
      ‘In 1356 the Counts Palatine were made Electors of the Holy Roman Empire.’
      • ‘Visit Heidelberg Castle, once the residence of the Counts Palatine of the Holy Roman Empire.’
      • ‘Hungary and Poland each had a Count Palatine.’
      • ‘And in certain questions the Count Palatine of the Rhine, and not the King of the Romans was to speak the decisive word.’


count palatine

/kount ˈpaləˌtīn/ /kaʊnt ˈpæləˌtaɪn/