Definición de counternarcotics en inglés


Pronunciación /ˌkoun(t)ərnärˈkädiks/ /ˌkaʊn(t)ərnɑrˈkɑdɪks/

sustantivo plural

treated as singular
  • Measures or activities designed to prevent the use or distribution of illegal narcotic drugs.

    ‘the US is spending over $800m a year on counternarcotics’
    • ‘he was in charge of CIA counternarcotics operations in the Golden Triangle area’
    • ‘The US will also be supplying eight helicopters to help equip the Afghan counter-narcotics police.’
    • ‘Much of the effort focused on the new counternarcotics police.’
    • ‘Both countries finance outside security firms to train Afghan counternarcotics forces.’
    • ‘The most high-profile US influence today, however, is through counter-narcotics operations.’
    • ‘A mobile laboratory for the production of heroin was seized by the counternarcotics police in the Nangarhar province.’
    • ‘British diplomats are keen to emphasise that counter-narcotics efforts to date have brought results.’
    • ‘The incident underscored the blurred distinction between counterinsurgency and counter-narcotics operations.’
    • ‘The plan didn't make any sense as a counter-narcotics programme.’
    • ‘The program brought fresh funds and helicopters to the counternarcotics police.’
    • ‘Additional sanctions were imposed as a result of Nigeria's failure to gain full certification for its counter-narcotics efforts.’
    • ‘He was the U.S. defense representative for counterinsurgency and counternarcotics operations with the U.S. Embassy in Peru.’
    • ‘At points, the movie does lapse into melodrama; overall, though, it depicts US counternarcotics efforts with dead-on accuracy.’
    • ‘It provides funding for sixty attack helicopters, an array of dubious intelligence activities, and three counternarcotics battalions.’
    • ‘As part of my duties, I coordinated the embassy's counternarcotics program.’
    • ‘He has also participated in counter-narcotics operations.’
    • ‘The counternarcotics police air-wing became the fastest growing element of Colombia's anti-narcotics program.’
    • ‘Soon, the counternarcotics police and the DEA developed a strong link built upon loyalty, camaraderie, and, of course, financial dependence.’
    • ‘Successful counternarcotics campaigns in Peru and Bolivia have pushed coca farming north, into Colombia.’
    • ‘A Western counter-narcotics official said it was too early for an accurate prediction of this year's crop, but he noted some positive signs.’
    • ‘USAID's role in the Afghan counternarcotics program illustrates the importance of being responsive and flexible.’