Definition of counterrevolutionary in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkoun(t)əˌrevəˈlo͞oSHənerē/ /ˌkaʊn(t)əˌrɛvəˈluʃənɛri/

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  • Engaged in or promoting a revolution that opposes a previous one or reverses its results.

    ‘there was almost no violent counterrevolutionary activity’
    • ‘Meanwhile, in almost every other country counter-revolutionary tendencies were gaining ground.’
    • ‘A blogger accused of spying and counter-revolutionary activities has been jailed for 14 years.’
    • ‘Members of the other parties were described as counter-revolutionary.’
    • ‘Lack of cooperation between counter-revolutionary forces contributed to their final collapse.’
    • ‘By 1849, counter-revolutionary forces had restored order.’
    • ‘He spies on the them for his counter-revolutionary associates.’
    • ‘There were centres of counter-revolutionary organizations all over the country.’
    • ‘The heroine knelt in front of a hole that was soon to be her grave, refusing to confess to her proposed counter-revolutionary crimes.’
    • ‘The truth is that this was a counter-revolutionary strike aimed at defeating the new government.’
    • ‘There were about 40 of them who had been jailed for counter-revolutionary charges.’


  • A person who advocates or engages in a revolution that opposes a previous one or reverses its results.

    ‘counterrevolutionaries had blown up a freighter full of armaments’
    • ‘He denounced him as a counter-revolutionary bent on overthrowing the government.’
    • ‘A strong counter-revolutionary, he helped to support the Admiral's activities.’
    • ‘The assumption is that the mere act of opposing self-proclaimed revolutionaries is all that it takes to make one a counter-revolutionary.’
    • ‘Then he joined the counter-revolutionaries simply to learn they were funded by a corrupt government.’
    • ‘The state assembled evidence that he was a dangerous counter-revolutionary.’
    • ‘The movement to suppress counter-revolutionaries accelerated his ability to remove political opposition.’
    • ‘He denounced him as a counter-revolutionary, dismissed him, and took the post himself.’
    • ‘None were immediately charged with a crime, though the officials expressed their intention to try those it had labeled "counter-revolutionaries" and "traitors."’
    • ‘The prisoner is a counter-revolutionary who says he is still a soldier too.’
    • ‘She was charged with supporting counter-revolutionaries.’