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another term for counterbalance
‘the scales have a series of counterweights that slide along a calibrated beam’
  • ‘photography is a creative outlet that acts as a counterweight to my business interests’
  • ‘The new engine has a forged steal crankshaft with revised counterweights to handle the greater weight of the higher compression pistons.’
  • ‘Applying this principle to crankshafts, if the counterweights aren't in the right place, the balancing job is much more difficult and ultimately requires more weight to achieve a balanced state.’
  • ‘A production V - 8 crankshaft typically has six counterweights positioned at the front and rear of the crank.’
  • ‘Tractors equipped with front-end counterweights also have improved traction and stability.’
  • ‘Larger drivers left more room on the surface of the wheel for counterweights to balance the forces; also, increased diameter meant fewer revolutions per mile.’
  • ‘Without a general manager in charge of personnel, the head coach doesn't have a counterweight to balance his urge to win now.’
  • ‘As the dump pan fills, a point is reached where it over balances the counterweight and dumps into the mixing chamber.’
  • ‘As if that were not enough, a second trebuchet was built to a French design using a huge swinging ballast-filled basket as a counterweight.’
  • ‘So, in a sense, Michael Apted's new film is something of a counterweight to balance an unfavourable scale.’
  • ‘The 6200 had even deeper fins with twin dynamic counterweights that went to 2500 rpm and 1200-horsepower.’
  • ‘The Corinthians, not the Spartans, felt most threatened by Athenian alliances and expansion during the late 460s and 450s, for they removed all northern counterweights to Athenian power.’
  • ‘By using counterweights and wheels for lifting he made it possible for a single ox to raise a load so heavy that previously it would hardly have been possible for six pairs of oxen to move it.’
  • ‘It's almost twice as heavy as lead, so it's great for armour plating, radiation shielding, ballast in missiles and aircraft counterweights.’
  • ‘The lamp also works on a counter balance system, not a spring system, and the balance is made possible by counterweights combined with two arms.’
  • ‘Some Europeans, particularly the French, dream of a united Europe being a counterweight to U.S. power.’
  • ‘Despite many people's hopes that it could be a counterweight to US power, the UN cannot act as an independent force.’
  • ‘Sufficient air space should always be provided around cars and elevator counterweights to minimize buffeting and airborne noise during operation.’
  • ‘His engine did include a piston but he used a counterweight to extract it.’
  • ‘The fourth proposition, that the Canadian system lacks the formal counterweights necessary to check prime ministerial power, is more difficult to tackle.’
  • ‘A three-cylinder, kerosene-fueled engine in the lift house that crowned the center span of the bridge slowed the descent of the counterweights to control the lift span's speed.’



/ˈkoun(t)ərˌwāt/ /ˈkaʊn(t)ərˌweɪt/