Definition of country blues in English:

country blues

Pronunciation /ˈkəntrē blo͞oz/ /ˈkəntri bluz/


  • A simple form of blues in which the singer is accompanied by an acoustic guitar.

    ‘Almost immediately, urban musicians began to duplicate these performances, usually within the acoustic country blues idiom.’
    • ‘They appreciate our country blues and techno.’
    • ‘Ya know, and it is the type of blues, like the hill country blues is the only modern country blues left as far as I know.’
    • ‘Last but not least, fans of acoustic country blues should mark their calendars for January 21.’
    • ‘While he's impeccably assured and well-versed in real old-time country blues, his approach to song structure is equally impressionistic.’
    • ‘So laid-back they have to sit down, their stoner country blues isn't normally the kind of thing I'd touch with a long stick but actually it's quite enjoyable.’
    • ‘Is his music jazz, blues, country blues, or folksy jazz?’
    • ‘His extensive repertoire encompasses a variety of styles, including country blues, ragtime, bluegrass and jazz.’
    • ‘One of the greatest living bluesmen picks up the acoustic this time and delves into the deep country blues.’
    • ‘Check out their unique collection of brazen ballads, raw country blues and saucy serenades this Saturday from 7 pm.’
    • ‘This is straight up, bar band, country blues rock - the perfect accessory to large jugs of draft.’
    • ‘The archetypal ‘downhome’ or country blues is an improvised solo song, with the singer accompanying himself on guitar or banjo.’
    • ‘They play a melting pot of styles from country blues to folk, as well as some stunning new original compositions that are impossible to pigeonhole.’
    • ‘If you are into old-time country and blues, and country blues, it should be a satisfying record.’
    • ‘I bought issues #10 and #11, the most recent, in hopes of learning more about lost and uncomped country blues artists.’
    • ‘Most of the crackles and other irritations that are a staple of country blues recordings have been excised, and all of the fidelity remains intact.’
    • ‘Now a master blues guitarist, he learned his craft by listening to the great country blues players.’
    • ‘‘The country blues singers were already stamped as men of sin,’ he wrote.’