Definition of country seat in English:

country seat

Pronunciation /ˈkəntrē sēt/ /ˈkəntri sit/

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  • A large country house and estate belonging to an aristocratic family.

    ‘Meanwhile, the furious James I revoked Dudley's travel licence in 1607 and, when the renegade failed to return to England, sequestered the estates of Kenilworth, his country seat.’
    • ‘He was the epitome of the cockney wide boy but what a shock to the system of his new found well-to-do relatives when he inherited a country seat and peerage.’
    • ‘He was scouting for a country seat for a client who wanted something truly grand, particularly to house his library of 100,000 books.’
    • ‘They would not be homeless if they lost the apartment, where they have lived since marrying in 1979, as they have a luxury country seat in Gloucestershire.’
    • ‘In 1806, what appeared to be a simple, even naive romance novel was written by a fireside at the country seat of an English landowner in Sligo.’
    • ‘With his country seat in the Borders, and a town house on the corner of Park Lane and Piccadilly, he was numbered among Britain's social elite.’
    • ‘His successor as Secretary to the Navy was so proud of his collection that he built an entire wing on to his country seat in Sussex especially to house them.’
    • ‘She also made remarkable changes to her country seat at Sandleford Priory, near Newbury in Berkshire.’
    • ‘The Manor was more easily comparable to a Ritz Hotel set in the countryside than to any traditional English family country seat.’
    • ‘He was now an author of world renown, a baronet, the friend of kings and princes and since 1821, Laird of Abbotsford, his new country seat in the Borders.’
    • ‘Others, however, illustrate his decision during the 1940s to transform his country seat into a museum.’
    • ‘By that time too he set out to create for himself a country seat.’
    • ‘Espenson Hall had been the country seat of the Earls of Kendrick for seven generations now.’
    • ‘They were on intimate terms with the Earl of Derby, whose country seat was Knowsley Hall (six miles east of Liverpool).’
    • ‘They spent as much time in their town houses as in their country seats; they were as much at home with the wealthy elite in London as with their rural neighbours.’