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country store

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North American
  • A store in a small town or rural area that sells a wide variety of goods; a general store.

    ‘they lived in a small town and ran a country store’
    • ‘Originally it was a country store run by my great uncle Sydney Duncan, my grandmother's brother.’
    • ‘Among his current research projects is a study of consumption in the Upper Canadian countryside as seen through customer accounts at country stores.’
    • ‘As he entered a little country store, a stranger spotted a sign saying: Danger, Beware Of Dog!’
    • ‘As the twentieth century wore on, railroads and mail-order catalogs supplanted the country stores.’
    • ‘These colors were easy to dye at home, with a variety of locally available vegetable matter or imported logwood, madder, or indigo - dyes available in any country store.’
    • ‘Today the village has souvenir shops, a beautiful country store, a spa, and an ice cream parlour.’
    • ‘Both cars stopped at a small country store with many trees leaned up against a fence ranging in many sizes and shapes.’
    • ‘There is a country store, pleasant motel, camping ground, hotel, lily farm, historic walk and domain.’
    • ‘While driving in the countryside, I spotted a sign on a country store which read: 'Live Bait.'’
    • ‘In the afternoons they were allowed to take a trip to the nearby country store - Bryant's Grocery and Meat Market - to buy sodas, sweets and bubblegum.’