Definition of county court in English:

county court

Pronunciation /ˈkoun(t)ē kôrt/ /ˈkaʊn(t)i kɔrt/

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  • 1US A court in some states with civil and criminal jurisdiction for a given county.

    ‘To the dismay of gay rights advocates, a county court dismissed his suit.’
    • ‘They could have gone to the county court in Eagle County, Colorado, or the federal court in Denver.’
    • ‘If agreement can be reached, the contract must be filed with a county court where either of the parties lives.’
    • ‘Yesterday's arguments centered only on the estate's argument that the county court has no jurisdiction in the case because so much time has elapsed.’
    • ‘There was a decision that needed to be made today on if jurisdiction would be shifted to the county court or would remain with the Judge.’
    • ‘When officials established county boundaries, created a county court, formed Frederick Town, and resurveyed the land, they transformed this vernacular landscape into an official one.’
    • ‘Truman's political career began with his 1922 election to a three-person county court from the rural, eastern part of Jackson County, which included Independence.’
    • ‘Moreover, it is interesting that the responses of landholders to the commissioner's questionnaire were subject to an audit in the county court.’
    • ‘If both parties to a civil case agree to hire a private judge, they can do so with the prior permission of the county court.’
    • ‘A county court judge who has to gain public support for re-election to keep his or her job might not have been so inclined to dismiss a public indecency case.’
    • ‘Such national cases should not be handled exclusively by county court judges elected by - and accountable only to - the few thousand people in one particular community.’
    • ‘Examining the County's post-war county court cases, the scholar documents that whites, especially those in debt, also faced prosecution in county courts.’
    • ‘The seven-member board of commissioners oversees the operation of county courts, the transportation system and a number of other administrative functions.’
    • ‘Particularly valuable is his discussion of the lasting power exercised, both in partisan politics and in self-perpetuated county courts, by the landholding gentry.’
    • ‘Spotty participation by the nation's 3,100 county courts, along with a hodgepodge of data formats, make national crime databases vastly incomplete.’
    1. 1.1(in England and Wales) a judicial court for civil cases.