Definition of countywide in English:


adjective & adverb

See county

‘Sales countywide declined 24 percent, compared to the first quarter of last year, and the median price declined 2 percent.’
  • ‘There are 40 to 50 children on the waiting list countywide, she said.’
  • ‘By comparison, homes countywide have appreciated just 31 percent in the past four years.’
  • ‘He carries the heft of being elected countywide and sits on numerous regional bodies that have an impact.’
  • ‘Approximately 400 people are employed by the group countywide as well as a number of individuals and companies indirectly in spin-off industries.’
  • ‘The group has also helped fund nurse tuition and given financial support to nurses and other healthcare professionals, as well as extending the number of nurse cadet places countywide.’
  • ‘Instead of trying to undermine the existing service, our councillors would be better employed seeking to extend the service countywide to anyone who wants it.’
  • ‘Her entry was chosen from over 250 entries countywide.’
  • ‘Instead of designating specific areas, however, the commission eventually decided to try for a countywide approach.’
  • ‘Following training, activity programmes will be run countywide offering a range of physical activities to disabled participants.’
  • ‘The introduction of pay-by-weight billing countywide is leading to concerns that more waste will be dumped illegally in remote areas.’
  • ‘It's a story of progression without parallel countywide.’
  • ‘Last year I tabled a motion calling for the Chamber to extend its remit and I am happy to say we are now the first countywide Chamber of Commerce in the country.’
  • ‘This will go towards the cost of providing policing, fire-fighting, road improvements and repairs and refuse collections countywide.’
  • ‘The event is held primarily to acknowledge and celebrate the contribution women make to the voluntary and community sector countywide.’
  • ‘He is working on a plan for a countywide rural water system, too.’
  • ‘Ours is a united camp, backed by a fanatical countywide following of fans who will be heard for every minute of the seventy, and more, on the big day.’
  • ‘Overall police tried to reduce the number of accidents and road deaths countywide by stopping anyone they suspected of committing offences.’
  • ‘But countywide the interest has not converted to more recruits.’
  • ‘In the countywide races, we will soon see more competition.’