Definition of coupon in English:


Pronunciation /ˈk(y)o͞oˌpän/ /ˈk(j)uˌpɑn/

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  • 1A voucher entitling the holder to a discount for a particular product.

    ‘The current rates are $5 per day, $28 per week and a reduced fee if the customer uses available discount coupons.’
    • ‘The lesson in all this: Beware those $20 discount coupons and free flights.’
    • ‘Besides the trophy, the winning team walked away with attractive goodies, gift and discount coupons sponsored by various organisations.’
    • ‘One of our group is related to the owners of the place, but forgot to bring the discount coupons.’
    • ‘Priced Rs 50 more than the regular prepaid card, it comes with a funky phone pouch besides discount coupons.’
    • ‘More businesses put in their discount coupons in the programme itself.’
    • ‘To encourage children into this habit, there are special discount coupons for students in schools.’
    • ‘When I just checked out the site I got a pop up window offering me a free book of money off coupons for their products.’
    • ‘Catching a red fish is rewarded with a discount coupon, which is great sport for the kids.’
    • ‘Visitors will get a chance to win discount coupons by participating in musical activities and spot contests.’
    • ‘Despite ‘customer appreciation days,’ savings cards and a seemingly endless supply of discount coupons, the cost of food remains surprisingly high.’
    • ‘Grocery chains, for example, have a welter of special needs, such as deductions for promotions, fees to guarantee the best placement of products on shelves and coupons.’
    • ‘Commercials aired on the network would come equipped with their own technology for linking viewers to coupons or brochures for products.’
    • ‘Each booklet includes coupons that entitle the holder to copies of the newspaper for 10p or for 50p.’
    • ‘Consumers could also get up to US $25 in benefits like calling cards, free air time or discount coupons for phone accessories from the settlement.’
    • ‘Middle-to-high-end fashion retailers are offering discount coupons, or free bags or accessories, in addition to half price promotional sales.’
    • ‘The 80 page Health and Beauty guide, which covers great hints and tips on all subjects, also includes over 500 baht of discount coupons.’
    • ‘The Japanese government tried a wide range of approaches to revitalize the economy, including consumer discount coupons to encourage spending.’
    • ‘If you joined at your favorite event this year, you can use your discount coupons when you come back next year or at any other race on the tour.’
    • ‘The five-year ordinary registered bonds have an annual coupon of 6.125 per cent.’
    voucher, coupon, chit, docket, stamp, order, credit note, IOU
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    1. 1.1A detachable portion of a bond which is given up in return for a payment of interest.
      ‘Bond certificates used to have paper interest coupons attached.’
      • ‘It is the coupon that will be detached and referred to, and that is where you want your claim.’
  • 2A form in a newspaper or magazine that may be filled in and sent as an application for a purchase or information.

    ‘In magazines or newspapers, coupons may be a part of an advert, as we see in Advert 12.3.’
    • ‘We hope readers everywhere - not just in the areas affected - will sign and send the petition coupons back to us.’
    • ‘We are backing the appeal, and we include a coupon in the newspaper so readers can send donations or pledge their support.’
    • ‘This week, all the coupons will be sent to the government, and the council will also be sending its detailed response to Westminster's consultation document on fireworks.’
    • ‘All our campaign coupons will be sent to the national consultation team - but time is running out if you want to join our fight.’
    • ‘My mother went over and spoke to him and he came and shook my hand and said he would definitely be sending in a coupon in support of the campaign.’
    • ‘Already, more than 100 people have registered their support for the campaign by sending in the attached coupon, below, or by contacting us directly.’
    • ‘To add your support send in the coupon today or call us for a pack of petitions.’
    • ‘More than two thirds of our entries came from people filling in the coupon in the newspaper.’
    • ‘Just fill in the coupon above and send it off with a £5 donation.’
    • ‘To nominate your favourite pub, write us a postcard or fill in the coupon and send it in.’
    • ‘If you are hit by the change in delivery times, complete our coupon and send it in.’
    • ‘Prospective customers would be invited to return a coupon or telephone for further information about the offer.’
    • ‘They have completed and returned our campaign coupons.’
    • ‘To enter, owners should simply clip and fill in the coupon and return it to us with a photograph.’
    • ‘Because it's too hard to read in my scan, I note that the return address for the coupon is in Kent, England.’
    form, tear-off slip, entry form, application form
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intransitive verb

[no object]US
  • (of a consumer) collect and use coupons or vouchers offering discounts on goods or services.

    ‘she couponed and budgeted to feed her family of six’
    • ‘I've started taking couponing seriously.’
    • ‘Can an extreme couponing craze be behind this recent rise in newspaper thefts?’
    • ‘I admit to taking my couponing overboard on occasion but the space limitations of my home prevail.’
    • ‘As a stay at home mom, couponing is something that I do to not only save money but as a challenge.’
    • ‘Melinda can teach all of us a lot about couponing, so be sure and visit her blog.’
    • ‘I coupon, stockpile and price match.’
    • ‘I've started to realize the 'extreme' couponing is a little too much for me.’
    • ‘When calculating the dollar cost of an extreme couponing habit, are the savings and worth the sacrifices?’
    • ‘If you enjoy couponing, focus on getting useful freebies, like toothpaste and cleaning products, instead of unhealthy foods.’
    • ‘Has couponing made us spend more in a given year even though the amount per item was less than normal price?’
    • ‘They're all trying to save money however they can - juggling credit cards, couponing, not eating out.’


Early 19th century (denoting a detachable portion of a stock certificate): from French, literally ‘piece cut off’, from couper ‘cut’, from Old French colper (see cope).