Definition of court reporter in English:

court reporter


  • 1North American A person employed to transcribe speech from legal proceedings, typically via stenography.

    ‘my lawyer's request to have the meeting taped or have a court reporter present was denied’
    • ‘At his honor's request, the court reporter just read back the Facts of the Case.’
    • ‘Instead of reproducing the discussions, the court reporter has simply inserted a note to the effect "discussion re dates for continuation".’
    • ‘Persons who bring a section 11 (b) application should ensure that the court reporter understands that such discussions may be vitally important.’
    • ‘He taught himself shorthand as a teenager and became a court reporter, allowing him to resume his education.’
    • ‘When the court reporter said he also heard the remark, Judge Ervin declared Holcombe in contempt and fined him $250.’
    • ‘A court reporter was present and a record kept.’
    • ‘With the court reporter's stenotype machine, it is possible to record speech verbatim much faster than any typist can do.’
    • ‘After briefly working for two legal firms, he learned shorthand and became a court reporter.’
    • ‘He asked about her marriages and, when her memory proved faulty, had the court reporter read her interrogation into the record.’
    • ‘I show them where the jury will be and where the court reporter is, and the court clerk and the judge and the bailiff and the attorneys.’
    • ‘If they do so, only the attorneys, the judge, and the court reporter - and none of those sitting on the benches towards the back of the courtroom, including members of the press - will be able to hear their answers.’
    • ‘In cases where the judge dispensed with running transcript, the court reporter had the duty to take down the principal events and times and, in brackets, a very short summary of what was said.’
  • 2A journalist who attends court hearings and reports on the proceedings.

    ‘most court reporters have Twitter accounts and do a lot of tweeting inside court’
    • ‘He specialised as a court reporter and in the 1990s covered the investigations and trials of those involved in the crimes.’
    • ‘During her 17 years as The Gleaner's court reporter, she made the public aware of how their elected representatives carried out the affairs of state.’
    • ‘He began as a court reporter before becoming an investigative reporter covering terrorism.’
    • ‘She worked as a court reporter, covering notorious trials.’
    • ‘She told a funny story she covered as a young and naive court reporter.’