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  • 1A building in which a judicial court is held.

    ‘Yet clause 206 recognises that the Government is prepared to give those coercive powers to the private sector to transport prisoners between courthouses and prisons.’
    • ‘We saw him walk into the courthouse with his attorney there, not his wife.’
    • ‘Further, these firms all need continuous interaction with law firms, which tend to cluster near government buildings such as courthouses.’
    • ‘The courthouse is a small building with seating accommodation for approximately 25 people.’
    • ‘He also said that if the police do not take the necessary measures for the security of the courthouses, the normal functioning of the judiciary system might be hindered.’
    • ‘Today, the media swarmed around the disgraced former CEO as he left the federal courthouse in Manhattan.’
    • ‘Stage a banner action outside your local federal courthouse while jurors are coming in.’
    • ‘Yesterday they walked to court together and paused briefly to be photographed before entering the historic courthouse.’
    • ‘The acoustics in the old courthouse were terrible.’
    • ‘We see some people coming out, his parents coming down the courthouse steps.’
    • ‘She noticed the white-haired old man messing with something on the courthouse steps.’
    • ‘A protest raged on a courthouse lawn, round a makeshift stage they charged on.’
    • ‘Persons entered the courthouse through a door at the north end of the structure.’
    • ‘He entered the courthouse with his customary sun glasses and ever-present cell phone.’
    • ‘But the point is, this court is a brand new courthouse.’
    • ‘Demonstrators from both sides sparred heatedly inside and outside the historic courthouse.’
    • ‘As I said on Monday, there's no possible justification for courthouse violence.’
    • ‘I hadn't even left the courthouse building yet and he apologized.’
    • ‘The jail, as well as its companion courthouse building, was scheduled to undergo a major renovation.’
    • ‘Also, right down the street from the state courthouse where this all began yesterday.’
  • 2US A building containing the administrative offices of a county.

    ‘This past week I walked past the county courthouse every day on my way home from work.’
    • ‘The navigable scenes were then saved to a CD that is now stored at the county courthouse.’
    • ‘Of course, such records are ostensibly public and have long been available for perusal at courthouses and other offices.’
    • ‘For each property, a team of surveyors collected on-site data, another team collected descriptive data from county courthouses, and survey questionnaires were mailed to the property owners.’
    • ‘Lincoln's ambitions as a lawyer and increasingly as a politician took him to the dusty courthouses and county capitals throughout the Eighth Judicial Circuit.’
    • ‘They're attached to the property deed and are recorded at the local county courthouse.’
    • ‘They're attached to the property deed and are recorded at the local county courthouse.’
    • ‘When the local courthouse was built it was designed to serve both Ontario County and Oshawa.’
    • ‘The article invited anyone with comments to appear at the county courthouse that morning.’
    • ‘How they did so had much to do with the county courthouse.’
    • ‘An era spanning over 600 years has ended in Tenby with the closure of the town's courthouse.’
    • ‘In part, I travel because there are always useful local records in libraries and courthouses that can provide some missing clue.’



/ˈkôrtˌhous/ /ˈkɔrtˌhaʊs/