Definition of cousin-german in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkəzən ˈjərmən/ /ˈkəzən ˈdʒərmən/


old-fashioned term for cousin
‘Aurelio his cousin german succeeded him; and at his death Silo, who married his wife's sister, was preferred before the males of the blood royal.’
  • ‘It was written by the apostle St. James, called the Less, who was also called the brother of our Lord, being his kinsman (for cousins german with the Hebrews were called brothers).’
  • ‘The second part begins with extraordinary detail, centering on Adèle Jollivet and Eugène Galles, cousins german who grew up ‘like sister and brother’ and became wife and husband in 1818.’


Middle English from French cousin germain(see cousin, german).