Definition of covalence in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkōˈvāləns/ /ˌkoʊˈveɪləns/



See covalent

‘We describe a rough estimate that suggests such effects on the degree of covalence are very small.’
  • ‘Indeed the measurements of bond length make this the best single formula that can be written with two single and two double S-O bonds, making six covalences in all.’
  • ‘It is argued that the terms valence, covalence, hypervalence, oxidation state, and coordination number are often confused and misused in the literature.’
  • ‘Upon thorough research, use of variances, covalences, de gauss and poisson formulas it looks like the most used word until now has been ‘flash’.’
  • ‘The iron atom in hæm compounds has its six covalences directed toward the six corners of an octahedron.’