Definition of covellite in English:


Pronunciation /kōˈvelˌīt/ /ˈkōvəˌlīt/ /koʊˈvɛlaɪt/


  • A blue mineral consisting of copper sulfide, typically occurring as a coating on other copper minerals.

    ‘Generally associated minerals included other silver amalgams, covellite, and pyrite.’
    • ‘Outstanding in the display is a dark blue covellite group as well as plates of quartz.’
    • ‘Good crystals of covellite have not been reported from the District.’
    • ‘In a similar reaction, it can also help to retrieve copper from chalcopyrite and covellite (CuS).’
    • ‘Some of the chalcopyrite is rimmed by bornite and more rarely by covellite and/or chalcocite.’


Mid 19th century named after Nicolò Covelli (1790–1829), Italian chemist, + -ite.