Definition of cover sheet in English:

cover sheet

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  • 1A page sent as the first page of a fax transmission, identifying the sender, number of pages, etc.

    ‘Not unlike a fax cover sheet, the first page of a legal document typically contains only metadata.’
    • ‘We got a fax which says that there are 54 pages, plus a cover sheet.’
    • ‘It is the first item on the index and the first page behind the cover sheet.’
    • ‘They comprised a fax cover sheet, a notice of appeal comprising three pages, and the grounds of appeal.’
    • ‘They are in such a rickety financial state that the management have banned the use of an introductory cover sheet on all the fax messages.’
    • ‘Furthermore the bottom of the cover sheet had ‘KPMG Corporate Recovery’ printed on it.’
    • ‘You can also create a cover sheet that automatically lists all sheets within the set.’
    • ‘The fax cover sheet is privileged, not the memo it encloses from the plaintiffs.’
  • 2A page placed before a manuscript or report, typically with the name of the author, title of the book or report, and date.

    ‘We also attach a cover sheet to each autopsy report that contains color images.’
    • ‘They were to write reports about their target and include photographs, maps and a cover sheet.’
    • ‘On the cover sheet the hearing dates were in fact 22nd and 23rd January 2002.’
    • ‘Many of the documents he handed over were cover sheets showing the titles of files that the authorities were holding back.’
    • ‘The judge requires that you put the new cover sheets on all your reports before viewing this translation.’
    • ‘The owner presented the court with 115 copied pages of receipts and other documents with a cover sheet noting that the total was $10,247.’
    • ‘He got briefing materials under this cover sheet.’
    • ‘Also on the cover sheet is a ‘Drafter’ space where you enter the person's name who drafted the Memo.’
    • ‘There was a cover sheet that had classified attachments, but the attachments were not included in the file.’
    • ‘Label your envelope, cover sheet or subject heading: ‘Letter to the Editor.’’
    • ‘The floor-plan set had a cover sheet with instructions.’
    • ‘Each description checklist had a cover sheet with instructions.’
    • ‘The cover sheet should explain what is expected, provide an overview of content, and describe the style of the questions.’
    • ‘The cover sheet invited completion of the survey a second time for psychometric testing via the test-retest method.’
    • ‘I quickly reorganized the papers and stapled them with my cover sheet on top.’
    • ‘As to whether it was a cover sheet, it does appear to have been a letter that accompanied another document.’
    • ‘I would put on a new cover sheet every time they rejected it, and turn it back in.’
    • ‘A petition is filed as it would be with the Court of Common Pleas with a cover sheet, Certificate of Service, and Verification.’
    • ‘He took a thin stack off the top of the papers in the center and read over the cover sheet.’
    • ‘The cover sheet read simply ‘A Psychological Guide’.’