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  • Without being openly acknowledged or displayed; secretly.

    ‘a transcript of a covertly taped meeting’
    • ‘They are just a minor part of an immense criminal operation that is covertly linked to terrorist groups.’
    • ‘Her father took a camera with him and covertly filmed what he saw.’
    • ‘Compromised websites can covertly install programs.’
    • ‘As current legislation stands, it isn't illegal to covertly film and photograph people in public or work spaces.’
    • ‘It covertly but actively supported the political elite.’
    • ‘It covertly gathers user information and activity without the user's knowledge.’
    • ‘Pressing a button on the back of the device enables a worker to covertly raise an alarm.’
    • ‘Slaves also covertly appropriated food from their masters ' gardens and kitchens.’
    • ‘I need you to go in covertly and collect as much information.’
    • ‘I watched my father covertly as we ate.’



/ˈkōvərtlē/ /ˈkoʊvərtli/