Definition of cow-calf in English:



North American
  • Denoting or relating to the method of producing cattle for beef by maintaining a breeding herd of cows.

    ‘a cow-calf operation’
    • ‘successful cow-calf managers place the highest priority on herd nutrition’
    • ‘Rates have been estimated at 46 per 1,000 known pregnancies yearly in Tennessee beef cow-calf herds.’
    • ‘Leasing land may be less costly than land ownership in providing forage for a cow-calf operation.’
    • ‘In the 1970s, they sold their 150-head dairy herd, adding a beef cow-calf operation.’
    • ‘The majority of cow-calf producers sell cows based on age at local livestock auctions.’
    • ‘One change has been that many cattle producers have vertically integrated their operations from cow-calf to stocker or to feeder.’
    • ‘In addition to corn/soybean farmers, the membership also includes cow-calf operators and some dairy farmers.’
    • ‘Gillen says the range is home to about 120 cow-calf pairs and more than 400 yearling beef steers.’
    • ‘Cow-calf producers should expect a price premium for preconditioned calves simply because of the improved health of the animals.’
    • ‘Cow-calf producers are challenged to produce feeder calves that are acceptable to the industry.’
    • ‘Nearly 45 percent, or 34,000 Iowa family farms, are in the beef business, be it with seed-stock, cow-calf or cattle-feeding operations.’