Definition of cow flop in English:

cow flop

(also cow flap)

Pronunciation /kou fläp/ /kaʊ flɑp/

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informal North American
  • A cowpat.

    • ‘This means crowds double, surf schools spring up like mushrooms from cow flop, and the roads and highways get crazy.’
    • ‘This is a wholesome look at what two urban brattlings can learn wading through cow flops.’
    • ‘My sister and I decided to check out the cow flops with our sticks much to my mother's dismay.’
    • ‘Oh and by the way the locals use this road to drive cattle down, so try avoiding the cow flops too.’
    • ‘They also leave us other less desirable gifts, cow flops don't go away in these type of places.’
    • ‘He looked around and said, ‘Aw, Benny dragged the tree through the cow flop again.’’
    • ‘We breathed in the aroma of our Cuban seed cigars from Mexico and the New Mexican roasted cow flops.’
    • ‘It's hard to see but there are dried cow flops dispersed throughout the meadows.’
    • ‘Cow flops that have not dried into chips are messier objects than horse droppings.’
    • ‘You just have to be careful where you ski the next day or you may ski right through a cow flop!’
    • ‘A rotary lawn mower can hurl a normal deposit of fresh cow flop as high as second story windows.’
    • ‘The answer is not to break the law in secret, and then to cover up the crime in cow flops.’
    • ‘Fresh cow flops flecked with flies festooned the forest floor.’
    • ‘Crossing this pasture required the agility of a ballet dancer to, avoid the cow flops.’
    • ‘Dave offered to present summer tips (including how to avoid stepping in cow flops) at the July 12 meeting.’
    • ‘After three days the cow flops are firmer and most importantly (for the chickens) the fly eggs and other parasites have hatched into high protein larva.’