Definition of cow pony in English:

cow pony


  • A small horse trained for use in cattle ranching.

    ‘That old cow pony would head out across the bridge and take him home.’
    • ‘When Uncle H. died his grandson took H.'s old cow pony.’
    • ‘For one song, he originally wrote: ‘The corn is as high as a cow pony's eye.’’
    • ‘He easily pictured himself sitting in the saddle of a black cow pony.’
    • ‘A man would rather sleep with his cow pony than with another cowboy.’
    • ‘Swinging out of the saddle, he tied that old cow pony to the pew beside Grandma and sat down, grinning at the preacher.’
    • ‘As broad as a Sherman tank and yellow as a daisy, Pumpkin had once been a Montana cow pony.’
    • ‘Each member of the family owned a horse and four cow ponies were kept for the cowboys to ride.’
    • ‘Dad always kept a couple of Montana cow ponies there.’
    • ‘They were mounted on two of Gary's cow ponies.’
    • ‘The four cow ponies were stabled in the four stalls on the right.’