Definition of cow shark in English:

cow shark

Pronunciation /kou SHärk/ /kaʊ ʃɑrk/


  • A dull gray or brown shark that lives mainly in deep water, especially in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean.

    Hexanchus griseus, family Hexanchidae

    ‘Gido tossed a fresh piece of cow shark on the bait line about thirty feet off the stern of the boat.’
    • ‘Members of this family are commonly referred to as cow sharks and are among the most primitive sharks.’
    • ‘In the end we saw 5 different cow shark including a very large female of about 2,8 meters.’
    • ‘Hexanchiformes look like marine snakes but are actually cow sharks and frilled sharks.’
    • ‘On the shores of western and southern Europe, where the cow shark is most common, it attains a length of twenty-six feet or over.’
    • ‘It is likely that the ancient cow sharks showed similar behaviour.’
    • ‘The cow sharks are distributed worldwide in temperate oceans, usually in deep water.’
    • ‘Examples from this group include the cow sharks, frilled shark and even a shark that looks on first inspection to be a marine snake.’
    • ‘Some of the most common types of sharks are the angel sharks, saw sharks, and cow sharks.’
    • ‘Of the shark families alive today, the cow sharks are believed to be the oldest and most primitive.’