Definition of cowboy boot in English:

cowboy boot


  • A style of boot with a pointed toe and a moderately high heel, extending to mid-calf.

    ‘Even before then, I saw some cowboy on TV drinking water out of his boot, so I got a cowboy boot and tried it.’
    • ‘In the next panel, a cowboy boot kicks the globe clear of the frame.’
    • ‘Tex-Mex food is served promptly every Thursday night, but shirts are buttoned-down and there's not a cowboy boot in sight.’
    • ‘In lieu of that, I once saw a guy open a bottle of wine by smacking the bottom of it with a cowboy boot until the cork popped up.’
    • ‘Entering the car was like being shoved headfirst into a cowboy boot.’
    • ‘Just then I felt the triangular toe of a cowboy boot nudge my shin.’
    • ‘One emporium visited seemed to sell every conceivable kind and color of cowboy boot.’
    • ‘A gifted rider is a horseman, whether they wear cowboy boots or English field boots.’
    • ‘Almost every gym has a few men training either with construction boots or in some cases, with cowboy boots.’
    • ‘She wore a black low cut tank top black jeans under black chaps with fringe along the edges and black cowboy boots with silver stitching.’
    • ‘No high-heeled feet or cowboy boots will go pitter-patter or clump-clump on the pavement.’
    • ‘At the end the cheery music stops and you notice the Santa is wearing Texas style cowboy boots.’
    • ‘In Sydney the big thing seems to be American cowboy boots, preferably worn out.’
    • ‘And that was totally like the sign I needed to confirm that cowboy boots are out.’
    • ‘These were initially designed to enable cowboy boots to fit perfectly under jeans.’
    • ‘In the land of sneakers, hiking boots and designer footwear, Dave was the guy in cowboy boots.’
    • ‘Only leaders with cowboy hats and cowboy boots can set things right.’
    • ‘She dressed in a simple denim jumper and a new straw cowboy hat with red cowboy boots.’
    • ‘They both drove the same truck and they both wore cowboy hats and cowboy boots.’
    • ‘Mark had said earlier how much he liked cowboy boots and had asked me if there were any boot stores in the area.’