Definition of cowboy hat in English:

cowboy hat


  • A hat with a broad, often curled brim and a high crown, typically made of felt.

    ‘they were sitting in their saddles, wearing brand-new cowboy hats and boots’
    • ‘Most fashion points go to the frontman, who was sporting a leopard skin cowboy hat.’
    • ‘A white cowboy hat rests on the table, alongside the empty beer bottles.’
    • ‘Many have also remarked that it is a modern Western sans horses or cowboy hats.’
    • ‘Dressed in denim, plaid, and a rigid white cowboy hat, he looks far more like a farmer than his father.’
    • ‘You wear cowboy hats to get more credibility if you're a country star.’
    • ‘Outfitted with cowboy hats and boots, they stopped along the way to talk to ranchers, contractors, and other macho truck drivers.’
    • ‘He tips his black cowboy hat toward the oil and gas wells that pock the land around Navajo Lake.’
    • ‘Pulling his cowboy hat over his eyes, he slung his pack over his back with his rifle and moved toward the setting sun.’
    • ‘The country music was vibrating throughout the room, as men and women in cowboy hats were dancing, drinking, playing pool, or flirting.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the white cowboy hat has become a civic logo, reflecting Calgary's ranching and agrarian origins and its contemporary oil- and gas-based economy.’