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  • (especially in the western US) a woman who herds and tends cattle, performing much of her work on horseback.

    ‘cowgirls work from sunrise to sunset’
    • ‘Cowboys and cowgirls dressed in lavish Western attire vied for attention and prizes.’
    • ‘The rodeo setting itself, centering upon cowboy and cowgirl stardom, is an important part of the Western popular tradition.’
    • ‘And while you're trying on Western Wear, it's fun to get your favorite cowgirl a nice cowboy hat;’
    • ‘Biscuits are apparently a cowboy or cowgirl's food of choice.’
    • ‘That's because she's a total cowgirl straight from the Westerns.’
    • ‘She's a pretty good cowgirl herself, you know, and knows a lot about horses.’
    • ‘If memory serves, O'Connor was an actual, not figurative, cowgirl.’
    • ‘We wanted to create a beautiful place for them to come, to work, to learn how to be little cowboys and cowgirls.’
    • ‘They pride themselves on Texan hospitality, and true-to-life cowboys and cowgirls running the show.’
    • ‘Let's start with something easy: the traditional cowboy / cowgirl get-up.’
    • ‘When I walk out with my mail, I see a cowboy helping a moderately drunk cowgirl along the boardwalk.’
    • ‘‘You are the sweetest, most perfect cowgirl I have ever seen ‘, and he kissed her hand.’’
    • ‘There he meets Sissy, a cute but indomitable cowgirl.’
    • ‘The four teens turned to face a red hair cowgirl.’
    • ‘How tough is the transition from cowgirl to beach babe?’
    • ‘I told him to go find some pretty cowgirl, but I think he intends to spend all of his time at electronics gaming parlors.’
    • ‘They usually have a stuffed head attached and come in a variety of different costumes from French maid to cowgirl.’
    • ‘A former motion picture cowgirl, she rode the law throughout Prohibition.’
    • ‘It ain't easy being a creepy Louisiana cowgirl.’
    • ‘I wanted to be a nurse, an actress, a singer, a cowgirl, a doctor, and a million other things.’



/ˈkouˌɡərl/ /ˈkaʊˌɡərl/

Phrasal Verbs

    cowgirl up
    US informal
    • (of a woman) make a determined effort to overcome an obstacle or deal with a difficult situation.

      • ‘I cowgirled up and kept moving forward’