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  • 1A cow's hide.

    ‘The saddle is made of a single animal skin, here a tanned cowhide.’
    • ‘Animals often devour the vulnerable mucous membranes of dead animals, instead of trying to burrow through the cowhide.’
    • ‘First they found a cowhide, corn kernels, shell casings - white-man stuff.’
    • ‘They chose the wrong man to leave wrapped in a cowhide to die.’
    • ‘Suede is simply the inside layer of a cowhide.’
    • ‘He caught sight of the cowhide hanging on a wall.’
    • ‘Its distinctive shape sits on the map like a cowhide laid out in the sun to dry.’
    • ‘Growing up on an Idaho ranch, he learned to work cowhide from his father, a rawhide braider in the Spanish tradition.’
    • ‘Made of cowhide, metal, glass, coloured foil and wood, these are strange creatures indeed.’
    • ‘The soft cowhide was light and surprisingly cool to the touch.’
    • ‘Current artificial skin grafts, such as Integra, which is made from cowhide, have been around for nearly 20 years now.’
    • ‘There are many ways to misuse cowhide (especially that with the hair still in place), steer horns, and ‘decorative’ barbed wire.’
    • ‘Heavier, durable cowhide comes from older animals.’
    • ‘Round the vast trunk he wraps a rope that he braided from cowhide.’
    • ‘He then put a piece of cowhide through each stone making them necklaces.’
    • ‘Water buffalo is not as durable as cowhide, but it's cheaper because of its large supply.’
    • ‘The rows are linked with recycled plastic spacers, which were once made of cowhide.’
    • ‘These days Peeters is making cowhide paintings.’
    • ‘The boy's ‘village’ was made up of cowhide tents with different designs painted on.’
    • ‘The men dress as warriors, wave their clubs, and thrust their cowhide shields forward.’
    1. 1.1Leather made from a cow's hide.
      ‘strips of cowhide’
      • ‘The holsters are hand-stitched using the finest leather, horsehide, cowhide, sharkskin and exotics like ostrich and stingray.’
      • ‘The chaise can be lifted from its frame and placed on the floor as a rocker and comes in canvas, leather and cowhide upholstery options.’
      • ‘The decor - offset by luxurious red leather and cowhide sofas - is a form of therapy in itself.’
      • ‘Leopard and tiger prints, feathers, suede and cowhide with fringe, and a jump in fur sales are all recent trends.’
      • ‘Horsehide holds its hand-boned fit much better than cowhide.’
      • ‘He worships at an obelisk lit by a single spotlamp, dressed in roughly fashioned cowhide.’
      • ‘Lambskin is similar in texture to cowhide although finer.’
      • ‘Traditionally, Chagga clothing was made of cowhide.’
      • ‘But as I write this, I'm wearing a belt and shoes made of cowhide.’
      • ‘Tony's folks will use cowhide or horsehide, your choice.’
      • ‘This is a traditionally lined holster, with smooth-out top-grade cowhide on both inner and outer surfaces of the holster.’
      • ‘Kitila and her mother wore only common cowhide clothing.’
      • ‘But let's face it - what we're talking about here is cowhide, something that is seen in everyday use.’
      • ‘Shimmering into the penthouse James plopped into the expensive leather chair and sighed breathing in the smell of dye and cowhide.’
      • ‘The holster itself is two layers of cowhide with a thumb break.’
      • ‘Other styles to look out for are cowhide, pearl embroidery and mother of pearl effect.’
      • ‘The sharkskin is layered over heavy cowhide but the more I use it the more appealing the shark becomes.’
      • ‘Even with her physique under cowhide, her tapered silhouette is always striking.’
      • ‘Gallagher constructs all of his holsters from horsehide, not the typical cowhide.’
      • ‘Karma's cowhide moccasins were dyed scarlet and were beaded with white wood beads.’
    2. 1.2A whip made from cowhide.
      • ‘He lashes Tom across the face with a cowhide and strikes him several times, then asks Tom again if he will do it.’



/ˈkouˌhīd/ /ˈkaʊˌhaɪd/