Definition of coydog in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkoidäɡ/ /ˈkɔɪdɑɡ/


North American
  • The hybrid offspring of a coyote and a dog.

    ‘The rifle served to defend cattle from coyotes and feral coydogs.’
    • ‘If you're really desperate, you can walk to the edge of town and count coydogs.’
    • ‘Nancy Gangi captured this rare and excellent pic of a coydog hunting in a field near Floral City, Florida.’
    • ‘Be aware that the presence of livestock or game in your area will add to the chances of coydogs being nearby.’
    • ‘Someone thought that it was a coydog, but I had seen one before and I'm pretty sure it was not a coydog!’
    • ‘The occurrence of a coydog would be an extremely rare event in New York today.’
    • ‘A distinguishable feature in a coydog is the ears and tail.’
    • ‘Sorry if I sound rude, but that doesn't look like a coydog to me.’
    • ‘We have a problem with coydogs, and I can tell you from first hand experience they are not afraid of a club.’
    • ‘Feral dogs and coydogs are also more likely to kill in a manner similar to coyotes, possibly as a result of experience in killing for food.’
    • ‘Domestic dog/coyote hybrids, referred to as coydogs, are usually born in the winter.’
    • ‘In addition, genetic tests indicate that many of the animals identified as coydogs were just coyotes or dogs, but not coyote/dog hybrids.’
    • ‘I've seen bear, mountain lions, bobcat, wolves, coyotes, coydogs.’
    • ‘‘Maya, one of our coydogs, is too energetic,’ Cranston said.’
    • ‘The breeder I know has a few black phase coydogs.’
    • ‘In Ohio, only about 2 percent of the coyote population consists of coydogs.’