Definition of crab pot in English:

crab pot

Pronunciation /ˈkrab ˌpät/ /ˈkræb ˌpɑt/


  • A wicker trap for crabs.

    ‘We'll be checking the crab pot each Saturday morning.’
    • ‘We pulled out our crab pot from our secret location to find this lovely specimen.’
    • ‘When great whites bite something unfamiliar to them, whether a person or a crab pot, they're looking for tactile evidence about what it is.’
    • ‘It was the blue claw that caught Johnson's eye when he pulled his crab pot from the waters off Gwynn's Island.’
    • ‘I thought if I went inside the wheelhouse the boat could list and my crab pots would jam the door.’
    • ‘You can come in here and hike, fish, hunt, take photographs, put out crab pots, build fires, cook.’
    • ‘Fortunately we do much better with the two crab pots.’
    • ‘The Northwestern carries about 250 crab pots, and we drop them about a quarter of a mile apart, but that all depends on the weather.’
    • ‘Joe will fish 3000 crab pots on six-day fishing trips with a five-man crew.’
    • ‘A massive rescue operation swung into action where the ship was last seen hauling crab pots.’
    • ‘He is also an environmental activist on the Chesapeake when he's not tending his crab pots.’
    • ‘And crab pots are not free from problems either.’
    • ‘Using pots similar to fold down crab pots has been productive along the river.’
    • ‘Smith said a positive step would be to develop more efficient crab pots as an alternative to nets.’
    • ‘Fishers have found their crab pots packed with dead crabs.’
    • ‘In between pulling in crab pots, he explained what he thinks is wrong with conservationists and environmentalists.’
    • ‘Data collection landward of the 50 m isobath was severely limited by the need to avoid moored crab pots.’
    • ‘More commonly used are floating crab pots made of galvanized chicken wire - up to 300 set at a time.’
    • ‘Skipper Hill is working with 360 crab pots and landing all catches locally.’
    • ‘A small number of peeler crabs are also harvested when they enter hard crab pots.’