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North American attributive
  • (especially of a philosophy) plain, simple, and unsophisticated.

    ‘the tiresome story would be repeated whenever he felt the urge to display his cracker-barrel wisdom’
    • ‘Southern country-boy coaches were about the last of the nation's cracker-barrel philosophers.’
    • ‘With its chocolate box cinematography and cracker-barrel philosophising, the film is the worst kind of period drama.’
    • ‘Behind the stereotype of the genial, cracker-barrel philosopher is a story of avarice, resentment, and political awakening.’
    • ‘Mixing cracker-barrel philosophy, and good common sense, the author offers realistic advice.’
    • ‘When he came to read the creators of the English realistic novel, he recognized the cracker-barrel philosophy in them at once.’
    unpretentious, unsophisticated, ordinary, unaffected, unassuming, natural, honest-to-goodness, modest, homely, wholesome, humble, quiet, lowly, rustic



/ˈkrakərˌberəl/ /ˈkrækərˌbɛrəl/


Late 19th century with reference to the barrels of soda crackers once found in country stores, around which informal discussions would take place between customers.