Definition of crackly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkraklē/ /ˈkrækli/

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See crackle

‘I had to cast a spell, which required making claw-hands and issuing some sort of crackly lightning sounds.’
  • ‘I remember hearing the speech of King George V on a crackly radio.’
  • ‘So far I've teased three clips out, and they're not just fuzzy and crackly, they're very small.’
  • ‘I think it's great apart from the sound quality that goes crackly for about a minute then is fine for two then crackly again.’
  • ‘A crackly voice echoed out of radio sets across Afghanistan.’
  • ‘Superb costumes and well-executed scenery changes made up for crackly sound and a first-half that dragged a little.’